Helgen Technologies Limited



At Xunison, our vision is to be the universal conduit for connected living for our customers.

We offer unique, all-in-one devices, a SaaS management platform, and mobile applications that simplify and enhance smart homes, mobile entertainment, and other consumer and commercial connected services.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, our global team combines innovative design with proven development and production methods to build customizable, convenient solutions without compromises.


Reimagining places and spaces with immersive storytelling.

We live in a world driven by experiences. Visitors expectations are so high, yet they are seldom met. The future of engagement will be driven by a digital experience, but how do you match years of stories with new expectations?

Augmented Reality provides us with a new method of storytelling, one which enables our users to truly step back in time. We design experiences which visitors consume via their own phone, life-sized immersive experiences which helps users bridge the gap beyond their wildest imagination.

This transformative technology is not for everyone, but if you are ready to create a new world, join the revolution!


At Bonafi, our mission is to keep people safe by helping businesses maximise their ability to maintain the integrity of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

By talking to pharmaceutical manufacturers and wholesalers, we have learned that companies are looking for automation, reliability and a central location to manage the due diligence and maintenance of GxP Customer and Supplier qualifications.

By transforming GxP compliance verifications into Digital Business, we reduce the manual time taken to perform and make processes more robust, traceable and transparent.

SymPhysis Medical

SymPhysis Medical’s goal is to develop innovative technologies that treat a range of chronic diseases and to put the patient experience at the forefront of our solutions’ design to improve their quality of life.

SymPhysis Medical’s emergent technology, RelEase, is a drainage technology to treat a common complication of late-stage cancers, malignant pleural effusion (MPE). MPE causes significant shortness of breath and chest pain in up to 15% of patients with cancer.

The driving force behind SymPhysis Medical is an unwavering commitment to provide independence and improved quality of life for patients with chronic conditions and those requiring palliative care.

Through clinical immersion and using a ‘needs-based’ innovation approach, the team have identified limitations associated with the current treatments for MPE and are collaborating with clinicians, public health nurses, patients and their carers to develop an innovative technology that improves clinical outcomes and betters the patient experience.


A Strategic Clinical Design Tool Built to Reduce Hospital Waiting Lists.

Examfly Limited

Examfly combines deep domain expertise with best-practice in educational methodologies. We put empathy for the learner and creative technology at the heart of our Platform.

To bring these subjects to life, we have assembled teams of subject matter experts, software developers, game designers, animators, and user experience professionals.
The end result is a unique and effective learning experience.


“LegitFit was founded on the basis of one key ambition: To create a greater experience for both businesses and enthusiasts of the fitness & wellness industry.”

LegitFit was founded through the collaboration of 2 fitness professionals and 2 industry enthusiasts. We as founders believed that the industry could become a lot more seamless from both a business’s perspective, as well as a clients. The LegitFit platform officially launched in 2019, and we’ve since been helping fitness and wellness providers to manage and grow their business.

Concurrently, we’ve been making it easier for their clients to book into fitness and stay engaged through the platform. Our Mission at LegitFit is simple: We want to help fitness & wellness providers globally to streamline their day and enhance their service offerings. We believe that this, in turn, will lead to More Growth as a business… and hence… More Revenue and More Success!


Glimpse analyses shoppers as they enter a premises, returning actionable meta-data via The Glimpse Portal. This is accessible to store management, marketing and operations.


Hi, my name is Denis and I am a 31 year old chef turned microgreens farmer turned ecommerce store owner from Dublin.

In 2019 I quit my job to pursue my passion: growing my own food and supplying the freshest and highest quality microgreens to restaurants in my local area in Howth, Dublin. Nufields was officially set up in January 2020 as an indoor vertical microgreens farm after months of research and hundreds of trays of microgreens.

In March 2020, Covid forced our restaurant customers to close their doors, spelling disaster for our newly launched business. Along with my friend and co-founder Stephen, we decided we were not going to give up and set about condensing our commercial scale growing techniques into a compact windowsill sized kit. We have committed to abide by strict standards of hygiene and regulations to achieve our organic certification status. We don’t believe synthetic herbicides or pesticides have a place in modern agriculture and especially not in our bodies!

In November 2020 we won second place in the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) Business Design Challenge and with that prize money, we were able to launch our sprouting kits. This allowed us to help even more people learn about and have access to organic, nutrient rich food.

Having lived in a busy city centre neighbourhood and in apartments all my life, I never had the opportunity to have my own garden. Every person should and can have the tools and skills to grow their own food at home, regardless of where they live. We don’t need to rely entirely on a food supply chain that is responsible for 13.7 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Our mission is to promote alternatives to big carbon footprint, supermarket bought produce and to help educate city dwellers and the next generation that it possible, healthy and rewarding to adopt a localised and sustainable attitude towards food.

Join us in growing towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

Denis & Stephen