The Book Resort

Enhancing the lives of our customers by creating moments of literary and gifting magic.

Wondering how it all began?  My name is Aisling and I founded The Book Resort in Waterford in late 2019.  This is how it all started….

It was simple really, it usually is!

Take a big reader, who also happens to be a big chocaholic with a dream.  I wondered if maybe, just maybe it would be possible to combine books + chocolate together, somehow!

So it started with a thought (A little “I wonder…” moment), and then the work began.  At the beginning it was all thinking, talking, researching, reading-yes more reading , and slowly the idea of “The Book Resort” started taking shape.  Then meetings, training, mentoring, lists-lots of lists…did I mention lists and sure enough stuff started happening.

Back to the drawing board a number of times, a few debates & discussions.  Then we launched, gently at first, and people seemed to like it, really really like it.

It was soon clear that more was needed, so I did what any sane person would do and I left my job, my lovely, secure job!  Yes, I was secretly terrified but very excited.

Then a global pandemic happened (it’s like a story gone wrong) and suppliers closed while customers started asking for more products.  So we pulled up our sleeves (aka, did not sleep very much), put our heads down and got to work and kept working and working and sure enough it started coming back together.  So now in 2021, we have a new premises, loads and loads of lovely new and old suppliers, more relationships built, loyal customers and a tiny but passionate dedicated team (including my two sons) who are helping us grow.

FinalBend Ltd

FinalBend Ltd was founded in 2018 in Cork by Emma Coffey when still a 5th year Secondary School student. FinalBend started its journey as a niche athletics brand with deep roots in Track & Field.

Since then the brand has grown across the country and internationally as a result of dedication to producing high quality, comfortable and affordable products. Finalbend Ltd now specializes in creating fun fitness apparel, accessories and lounge wear.


Filter brings all elements of your management under the one roof. Monitor your lung function as well as track your medication and log how you are feeling each day with personalised recommendations and feedback on your performance.

Orca Board Limited

Orca Board is an Irish owned and operated water sports company that sells our own range of paddle boards, changing robes and eco-swimwear.
Our mission is to bring high quality and affordable products to the nation so that they can begin to discover the real beauty of Ireland from the sea.
All of our range is proudly designed in Ireland guaranteeing the best quality, design and innovation. 

Cotter Agritech


Jack and Nick Cotter are the Cotter Brothers. The boys have been entrepreneurs from a young age, setting up their first business Cotter Bros Firewood aged 13 and 11 respectively. The business has received many accolades since. Recently, Nick received recognition for the Cotter Brother’s entrepreneurial successes from UCC, being awarded a Quercus Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholarship in 2019 and they have maintained WFQA certification since 2013.

In 2019 the brothers started their second business, ‘Cotter Organic Lamb’; direct selling the organic, 100% Grass Fed lamb they produce on their farm outside Abbeyfeale. This lamb is 7-day dry aged and is 100% antibiotic free. This business won the ‘Rising Star’ award at the Irish Quality Food Awards 2019. 

Jack and Nick are currently working on ‘The Cotter Crate’, their third venture. The Cotter Crate won ‘Best Agri-Engineering Start-up’ and the Alfred Cox Founder’s Perpetual Trophy for the ‘Best Overall Start-up Innovation’ at the 2019 Enterprise Ireland Innovation Awards at the Ploughing Championships. They also won the Engineers Ireland Student Innovator of The Year Award for The Cotter Crate. More recently, they won the Overall ICT Award at the 2020 Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur Awards.

Fifty Shades Greener

The leading Educational Company teaching businesses, communities and young people how to reduce their carbon emissions and save money.


Why does Peer support people with learning disabilities?

We hate to use the word ‘disability’. As a team with Dyslexia and Dyscalculia, we understand that while reading and spelling can be really difficult at times, we see our ‘disabilities’ as a bit of a superpower. Through our lifetimes, we have formed unique perspectives and some awesome creative problem solving techniques and that’s all thanks to Dyslexia and Dyscalculia.

We’re eager to spread our message that, our ‘disabilities’ are a part of who we are. They make us unique and while certain things may be more difficult than others, we’re here to give you the tools you need to approach those challenges in a different way. To make them manageable, to make them fun.


Improve quality of care through human connections

We make communication easier for care home and senior living communities. Whether it’s sharing precious moments with resident’s families or updating staff on new policies – Altra makes the connection.

Thanks Plants

Founder Aisling Cullen is no stranger to the food industry, having previously operated a coffee house & restaurant before shifting to manufacturing. “I set up Thanks Plants in 2020 but really I have been passionate about the food industry all my life. I opened a coffee house when I was living in Malaysia in 2015 and I really enjoyed coming up with the menu and daily specials”

“When I moved back to Ireland in 2017, I was excited to continue my food journey here. I’m passionate about plant-based cooking, and I wanted to come up with a product that was wholesome and flavourful. Once I started making my own meatless meats out of whole food ingredients, I never looked back”.

“I’m very much vegan for the animals and for our environment and we can all do our bit to help these causes by reducing or eliminating meat from our diet with really simple changes to our favourite dishes”

If you want to get in touch with Aisling, email


The story of SiSú

Brian McGann was so inspired by what his wife Fiona was doing at home that he thought – why can’t these drinks be available everywhere and to everyone, and so started the incredible successful journey of how this Limerick family has brought their multiple award winning plant based healthy drinks to all corners of Ireland.

Fiona McGann is a mum of 6, and has had a deep passion for understanding the link between our food and our health for over 20 years. She has researched, tested, tasted and embraced organic & nutritious wholefoods over the years. Fiona was somewhat of a pioneer –  juicing when juicers were not readily available  in Ireland, growing wheatgrass in the kitchen (raising an eyebrow or two from her children’s friends!), and making her own shots and kombuchas, well before it was fashionable! Even today, explaining what a scoby is, is no easy task!

Fiona immersed herself with her incredible energy – reading books, blogs & newsletters, attending conferences & seminars to become more informed, and even working with her local health-food stores, to encourage them to source new “superfoods” where possible.


Taste Matters

While health was a huge motivator for Fiona, one thing she always made important in the creation of her drinks and snacks was taste. The need to please the tastebuds of 6 kids certainly enhanced her skills in this area! Her children still remember how their friends would be envious of their lunches, and always loved coming to their house for Fiona’s delicious creations.


From the Kitchen table to your fridge

Over the years friends, family, schools and local sports clubs would ask Fiona to share her knowledge, and also to make, and even sell, her products. So it was a natural evolution to make these delicious, healthy drinks available to a much wider audience.