Seany & Nikita graduated in 2012 And spent almost 5 years working & travelling through 20+ countries before returning to Ireland. They grew obsessed with street food culture and how it brought people & communities together.
Upon returning,the pair established Blasta Street Kitchen, simple ,exciting street food, using the best of Irish Produce. After a successful first few years in business, Blasta Street Kitchen had numerous awards,plenty of national media coverage , and even a Guinness world record under their belt.

It was only a matter of time before street food enthusiasts began to approach Seany & Nikita seeking advice & mentoring on setting up a Food Truck or Catering company. Since early 2019, the pair of Foodpreneurs have helped set-up over 40 street food businesses in Ireland and UK for others startups.

Zendra Health

Using Zendra Health’s no-code platform, you can create a personalised self-management solution, that aligns with your care pathways, to provide the right care, at the right time, at the right place whilst freeing up precious staff resources.

Our expertise and technology are already being used to help healthcare organisations improve the offering of care in self-management of long-term conditions, older persons care, staff care, rehabilitative care, mental health, and in the Covid-19 response.

Manna Drone Delivery

At Manna, we are making 3-minute air delivery a reality, whether you want food, medicine or anything you need in your local community.

Using custom-developed aerospace grade drones, we deliver directly from restaurants and centralised kitchens to consumer’s homes.  We fly at an altitude of 80 metres and a speed of over 80kph –  delivering within a 2km radius in less than 3 minutes.​

Our ‘Manna-festo’ is to completely replace road-based delivery – reducing delivery times to a fraction of their current times, greatly improving the consumer experience of food delivery, and saving lives as we take the dangerous process of road-based delivery into the skies.