The Fifth Dimension

The FIFTH DIMENSION stems from passion, a passion to change the industry, a passion to digitise, a passion for the truth and a passion for transparency. The FIFTH DIMENSION is the single source of truth for your projects current and historical commercial activity. Analytical value driven cost management.


You know you need cybersecurity.

But if you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably felt frustrated that none of the cybersecurity industry’s advice, fixes and workarounds are tailored to you.
In Ireland alone, microbusinesses make up 90% of the business landscape, and they struggle to secure adequate cybersecurity. While big corporations can afford a dedicated cybersecurity department, you’re left wearing many hats when leading a small business – and you just can’t find the time to put on your cybersecurity one.
As a result, you’re fearful that you’re leaving your business undefended, and – worse still – you know you risk losing your customers’ trust.

Our entire business is dedicated to helping you protect yours.
We built CyberPie to give you and your small business a piece of the cybersecurity pie, to offer a one-stop solution so you can defend your business while getting ahead withrunningyour business.


Reimagining places and spaces with immersive storytelling.

We live in a world driven by experiences. Visitors expectations are so high, yet they are seldom met. The future of engagement will be driven by a digital experience, but how do you match years of stories with new expectations?

Augmented Reality provides us with a new method of storytelling, one which enables our users to truly step back in time. We design experiences which visitors consume via their own phone, life-sized immersive experiences which helps users bridge the gap beyond their wildest imagination.

This transformative technology is not for everyone, but if you are ready to create a new world, join the revolution!