Hi, my name is Denis and I am a 31 year old chef turned microgreens farmer turned ecommerce store owner from Dublin.

In 2019 I quit my job to pursue my passion: growing my own food and supplying the freshest and highest quality microgreens to restaurants in my local area in Howth, Dublin. Nufields was officially set up in January 2020 as an indoor vertical microgreens farm after months of research and hundreds of trays of microgreens.

In March 2020, Covid forced our restaurant customers to close their doors, spelling disaster for our newly launched business. Along with my friend and co-founder Stephen, we decided we were not going to give up and set about condensing our commercial scale growing techniques into a compact windowsill sized kit. We have committed to abide by strict standards of hygiene and regulations to achieve our organic certification status. We don’t believe synthetic herbicides or pesticides have a place in modern agriculture and especially not in our bodies!

In November 2020 we won second place in the Design and Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCI) Business Design Challenge and with that prize money, we were able to launch our sprouting kits. This allowed us to help even more people learn about and have access to organic, nutrient rich food.

Having lived in a busy city centre neighbourhood and in apartments all my life, I never had the opportunity to have my own garden. Every person should and can have the tools and skills to grow their own food at home, regardless of where they live. We don’t need to rely entirely on a food supply chain that is responsible for 13.7 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Our mission is to promote alternatives to big carbon footprint, supermarket bought produce and to help educate city dwellers and the next generation that it possible, healthy and rewarding to adopt a localised and sustainable attitude towards food.

Join us in growing towards a healthier and more sustainable future.

Denis & Stephen

The Book Resort

Enhancing the lives of our customers by creating moments of literary and gifting magic.

Wondering how it all began?  My name is Aisling and I founded The Book Resort in Waterford in late 2019.  This is how it all started….

It was simple really, it usually is!

Take a big reader, who also happens to be a big chocaholic with a dream.  I wondered if maybe, just maybe it would be possible to combine books + chocolate together, somehow!

So it started with a thought (A little “I wonder…” moment), and then the work began.  At the beginning it was all thinking, talking, researching, reading-yes more reading , and slowly the idea of “The Book Resort” started taking shape.  Then meetings, training, mentoring, lists-lots of lists…did I mention lists and sure enough stuff started happening.

Back to the drawing board a number of times, a few debates & discussions.  Then we launched, gently at first, and people seemed to like it, really really like it.

It was soon clear that more was needed, so I did what any sane person would do and I left my job, my lovely, secure job!  Yes, I was secretly terrified but very excited.

Then a global pandemic happened (it’s like a story gone wrong) and suppliers closed while customers started asking for more products.  So we pulled up our sleeves (aka, did not sleep very much), put our heads down and got to work and kept working and working and sure enough it started coming back together.  So now in 2021, we have a new premises, loads and loads of lovely new and old suppliers, more relationships built, loyal customers and a tiny but passionate dedicated team (including my two sons) who are helping us grow.

FinalBend Ltd

FinalBend Ltd was founded in 2018 in Cork by Emma Coffey when still a 5th year Secondary School student. FinalBend started its journey as a niche athletics brand with deep roots in Track & Field.

Since then the brand has grown across the country and internationally as a result of dedication to producing high quality, comfortable and affordable products. Finalbend Ltd now specializes in creating fun fitness apparel, accessories and lounge wear.