ITUS Secure Technologies

Our Story
ITUS makes managing your cybersecurity easy. We give you peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is secure. We offer fully outsourced cybersecurity solutions working with leading security vendors, providing next-gen solutions.
Our Values

Integrity, knowledge, control are core elements of our customer service. We approach our work with honesty to ensure our customers have the best solutions. We apply a collaborative and supportive approach, keeping customers fully informed and in the driving seat at all times.

We value people who like to solve problems, people who are driven by innovation, people who are passionate about helping others, people who are team players.


ID-Pal is the most flexible and customisable ID&V solution on the market…and it’s available out-of-the-box
ID-Pal’s unique SaaS offering provides an end-to-end solution that can be branded for your business in seconds, configured in minutes and fully integrated within a day.
All other Identity Verification suppliers provide either an out-of-the-box SaaS solution or a Complex API/SDK Integration. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of solution, so ID-Pal took the best of both worlds and combined them into an award-winning, unique SaaS platform.


Strikepay is a fast-growing financial technology (FinTech) company offering a seamless, patent-pending digital tipping solution for the cashless society.
Strikepay is revolutionizing the way we tip, pay and donate to those who serve us, meet us, greet us, carry us, sing for us, bring for us, prepare, repair, and care for us. This innovative digital payment platform is also providing services to professionals in Europe, the UK and USA.
Enabling cashless and contactless digital payment solutions for tipping, payments and donations without requiring an App or a payment terminal. The mission of Strikepay is to provide the world’s most frictionless digital tipping platform to billions of people and help them to receive tips and payments which they may not otherwise receive, due to the demise of cash.