Street School

Seany & Nikita graduated in 2012 And spent almost 5 years working & travelling through 20+ countries before returning to Ireland. They grew obsessed with street food culture and how it brought people & communities together.

Upon returning,the pair established Blasta Street Kitchen, simple ,exciting street food, using the best of Irish Produce. After a successful first few years in business, Blasta Street Kitchen had numerous awards,plenty of national media coverage , and even a Guinness world record under their belt.


It was only a matter of time before street food enthusiasts began to approach Seany & Nikita seeking advice & mentoring on setting up a Food Truck or Catering company. Since early 2019, the pair of Foodpreneurs have helped set-up over 40 street food businesses in Ireland and UK for others startups.

At the moment we are offering a complete service, 1 hour of marketing and sales support, including the supply of our unique trailers but also how to maximise your output & revenue.


Strikepay is a fast-growing financial technology (FinTech) company offering a seamless, patent-pending digital tipping solution for the cashless society.
Strikepay is revolutionizing the way we tip, pay and donate to those who serve us, meet us, greet us, carry us, sing for us, bring for us, prepare, repair, and care for us. This innovative digital payment platform is also providing services to professionals in Europe, the UK and USA.
Enabling cashless and contactless digital payment solutions for tipping, payments and donations without requiring an App or a payment terminal. The mission of Strikepay is to provide the world’s most frictionless digital tipping platform to billions of people and help them to receive tips and payments which they may not otherwise receive, due to the demise of cash.


At Xunison, our vision is to be the universal conduit for connected living for our customers.

We offer unique, all-in-one devices, a SaaS management platform, and mobile applications that simplify and enhance smart homes, mobile entertainment, and other consumer and commercial connected services.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, our global team combines innovative design with proven development and production methods to build customizable, convenient solutions without compromises.


Reimagining places and spaces with immersive storytelling.

We live in a world driven by experiences. Visitors expectations are so high, yet they are seldom met. The future of engagement will be driven by a digital experience, but how do you match years of stories with new expectations?

Augmented Reality provides us with a new method of storytelling, one which enables our users to truly step back in time. We design experiences which visitors consume via their own phone, life-sized immersive experiences which helps users bridge the gap beyond their wildest imagination.

This transformative technology is not for everyone, but if you are ready to create a new world, join the revolution!

A Strategic Clinical Design Tool Built to Reduce Hospital Waiting Lists.


Glimpse analyses shoppers as they enter a premises, returning actionable meta-data via The Glimpse Portal. This is accessible to store management, marketing and operations.

FinalBend Ltd

FinalBend Ltd was founded in 2018 in Cork by Emma Coffey when still a 5th year Secondary School student. FinalBend started its journey as a niche athletics brand with deep roots in Track & Field.

Since then the brand has grown across the country and internationally as a result of dedication to producing high quality, comfortable and affordable products. Finalbend Ltd now specializes in creating fun fitness apparel, accessories and lounge wear.

Cotter Agritech


Jack and Nick Cotter are the Cotter Brothers. The boys have been entrepreneurs from a young age, setting up their first business Cotter Bros Firewood aged 13 and 11 respectively. The business has received many accolades since. Recently, Nick received recognition for the Cotter Brother’s entrepreneurial successes from UCC, being awarded a Quercus Innovation/Entrepreneurship Scholarship in 2019 and they have maintained WFQA certification since 2013.

In 2019 the brothers started their second business, ‘Cotter Organic Lamb’; direct selling the organic, 100% Grass Fed lamb they produce on their farm outside Abbeyfeale. This lamb is 7-day dry aged and is 100% antibiotic free. This business won the ‘Rising Star’ award at the Irish Quality Food Awards 2019. 

Jack and Nick are currently working on ‘The Cotter Crate’, their third venture. The Cotter Crate won ‘Best Agri-Engineering Start-up’ and the Alfred Cox Founder’s Perpetual Trophy for the ‘Best Overall Start-up Innovation’ at the 2019 Enterprise Ireland Innovation Awards at the Ploughing Championships. They also won the Engineers Ireland Student Innovator of The Year Award for The Cotter Crate. More recently, they won the Overall ICT Award at the 2020 Enterprise Ireland Student Entrepreneur Awards.


Improve quality of care through human connections

We make communication easier for care home and senior living communities. Whether it’s sharing precious moments with resident’s families or updating staff on new policies – Altra makes the connection.


Our Story

We’ve all been there. Mealtimes roll around and there’s so much going on that you just grab whatever is quick. Except, what’s quick isn’t always the best for us right? There always seems to be a compromise. Why Compromise? I was convinced that there doesn’t need to be a trade-off. Food that’s quick and easy can be delicious. It can be created naturally with real food that we know and love instead of artificial flavours. And most of all, real authentically healthy and convenient food should be accessible by all.

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