Positive Carbon

Positive Carbon was founded in 2020 to help tackle the incredible 1.3 billion tonnes of food thrown away each year. Our vision is to bring effective food waste monitoring to kitchens across the world to reduce their food waste and make a positive impact on the planet. 


At Positive Carbon, we believe there is no need for a business to waste food and money, all at the expense of the environment. We believe food waste has value and we aim to give that value back to our customers.

Huggnote Limited

an Irish Start-up founded in 2019 by Sean Smith, Daniel Izquierdo, Tara McElligott and Jose Lopez while they were undergraduates at Technological University Dublin.


They spun-out of the university with their revolutionary parasite testing technology. Initially, development of Micron Kit was funded with competition prize money that the team had won and with Competitive Start-up Funding from Enterprise Ireland. The founders went on to showcase their award-winning tech at Europe’s largest agricultural show, the Irish National Ploughing Championships in 2019. Since then, the Micron Agritech team has expanded to a total of 9 people and they have raised a seed round of €500,000.


At VRAI we create data driven VR simulation training for high hazard environments. Our customers are leading organisations like the Irish Defence Forces, the United Nations in Somalia and IAG at Heathrow Airport.


We have created HEAT, Hazardous Environment Awareness Trainer. HEAT combines authentic virtual training environments with cutting edge data capture and analytics capability. HEAT allows organisations whose activities are Risky, Remote, or Rare to train in a more authentic, memorable, and measurable way.