You know you need cybersecurity.

But if you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably felt frustrated that none of the cybersecurity industry’s advice, fixes and workarounds are tailored to you.
In Ireland alone, microbusinesses make up 90% of the business landscape, and they struggle to secure adequate cybersecurity. While big corporations can afford a dedicated cybersecurity department, you’re left wearing many hats when leading a small business – and you just can’t find the time to put on your cybersecurity one.
As a result, you’re fearful that you’re leaving your business undefended, and – worse still – you know you risk losing your customers’ trust.

Our entire business is dedicated to helping you protect yours.
We built CyberPie to give you and your small business a piece of the cybersecurity pie, to offer a one-stop solution so you can defend your business while getting ahead withrunningyour business.