The story of SiSú

Brian McGann was so inspired by what his wife Fiona was doing at home that he thought – why can’t these drinks be available everywhere and to everyone, and so started the incredible successful journey of how this Limerick family has brought their multiple award winning plant based healthy drinks to all corners of Ireland.

Fiona McGann is a mum of 6, and has had a deep passion for understanding the link between our food and our health for over 20 years. She has researched, tested, tasted and embraced organic & nutritious wholefoods over the years. Fiona was somewhat of a pioneer –  juicing when juicers were not readily available  in Ireland, growing wheatgrass in the kitchen (raising an eyebrow or two from her children’s friends!), and making her own shots and kombuchas, well before it was fashionable! Even today, explaining what a scoby is, is no easy task!

Fiona immersed herself with her incredible energy – reading books, blogs & newsletters, attending conferences & seminars to become more informed, and even working with her local health-food stores, to encourage them to source new “superfoods” where possible.


Taste Matters

While health was a huge motivator for Fiona, one thing she always made important in the creation of her drinks and snacks was taste. The need to please the tastebuds of 6 kids certainly enhanced her skills in this area! Her children still remember how their friends would be envious of their lunches, and always loved coming to their house for Fiona’s delicious creations.


From the Kitchen table to your fridge

Over the years friends, family, schools and local sports clubs would ask Fiona to share her knowledge, and also to make, and even sell, her products. So it was a natural evolution to make these delicious, healthy drinks available to a much wider audience.