SymPhysis Medical


SymPhysis Medical’s goal is to develop innovative technologies that treat a range of chronic diseases and to put the patient experience at the forefront of our solutions’ design to improve their quality of life.

SymPhysis Medical’s emergent technology, RelEase, is a drainage technology to treat a common complication of late-stage cancers, malignant pleural effusion (MPE). MPE causes significant shortness of breath and chest pain in up to 15% of patients with cancer.

The driving force behind SymPhysis Medical is an unwavering commitment to provide independence and improved quality of life for patients with chronic conditions and those requiring palliative care.

Through clinical immersion and using a ‘needs-based’ innovation approach, the team have identified limitations associated with the current treatments for MPE and are collaborating with clinicians, public health nurses, patients and their carers to develop an innovative technology that improves clinical outcomes and betters the patient experience.