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Vixi Gifting

Tell us what your business does?

Vixi Gifting is a contemporary Irish gifting agency that is all about gifting the good vibes. Adding a vibrant and modern twist to gifting, we curate gifts that speak for themselves. Whether you’re looking for next-level corporate gifting or expertly pre-curated gift boxes – we’ve got the whole package. All of our products have been uniquely sourced to provide our clients and customers with personal, unique, and modern gifts that can’t be easily found on the high street.


Melodie Fox,Nicky Fox and Fenella Fox


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Where did the idea for your business come from?

When searching for gifts to send to our own family and friends, we found there was a gap in the market for fun, vibrant gifts that were modern but also beautifully presented with that thoughtful touch. We come from creative backgrounds and wanted to incorporate our skills to start our own unique take on gifting. The branding and tone of our business is very important to us, and the gifts allow us the freedom to have fun and express ourselves creatively while also providing that feel-good factor for others.

Have you always wanted to run your own business?

Yes, as we come from a family with entrepreneurial backgrounds

What planning did you do before you started up?

Before we launched, we did a lot of market research so that we could provide a fresh take on the Irish gifting scene. We put a big focus on sourcing unique products and invested a lot of time to ensure we had our offering just right. We knew from the start it had to have a unique twist and show our personalities.

Which entrepreneurs do you admire?

Sara Blakely’s content always inspires us. We love to see females making waves in their industries.

What challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

Originally we had planned to focus on the wedding market, but we launched just as the pandemic hit which meant we had to rethink our strategy from the get go. We then pivoted into the corporate world which shifted the focus of our gifts to self-care and wellness themes for virtual events, employee and client gifting.

How have you promoted your business?

Social media is a huge focus of ours because we want our gifts to be contemporary and appeal to the modern Instagram generation. We like our gifts to be vibrant, fun and make both the sender and recipient feel good. During 2020 we also appeared in many publications which was a great push to get our name out there further.

Where do you see the business in 3 years’ time?

In 3 years time we hope to see corporate gifting as the main focus of our business, and to be in a position to take on new staff and grow our premises. We want to continue networking to grow both our B2B and B2C customers.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Our advice would be to just go for it! Be prepared that you will have days where you feel a little lost and wonder what you are doing, but this makes the wins much more of a celebration. Somebody out there would really benefit from the idea that you have, so don’t let the fear of what others think or your own doubts hold you back. Remember why you started.

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